The company Valve is working maybe on a new solution to run games for Windows on a Linux system


Looked devices Steam Machines weed control Steam Controller like an interesting so that she will change the rules of the play in the video game market. Unfortunately, while the controller Steam Controller was successful among the players, the devices Steam Machines have not achieved the same levels of success.

This isn’t about hardware, but the operating system SteamOS used in those devices which depends on the kernel Linuxl, unfortunately this system does not have as many games available compared to Windows. However, that could change in the future, at least according to the discussion on the social network Reddit where he revealed to users that the file GUI for SteamOS contain the hidden partition and the message suggests that there is a new communication tool can be currently under development.

The message says : ” will Steam Play automatically install tools compatibility that allows you to run games from your library that are designed for other operating systems “. What this means is that instead of telling the developers to create multiple copies of the same game for different operating systems, this tool will have to work so that they will be able to bring their toys designed for Windows To system Linux, which will make the devices Steam Machines more attractive.

As explained by the website ArsTechnica, the bring the software Windows to a Linux system is not new, but the formal tool being designed by a company Valve specifically for SteamOS, which is based on kernel Linux might go a long way in ensuring the compatibility and improve the gaming environment. However, there isn’t any information about the Launch Date of this tool or whether it will actually lead to what we believe as you do, so please deal with what has been said so far with the least amount of protection.


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