The company used the feature ” Find My iPhone ” to track a stolen car in the United States

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Find My iPhone Apple TV is a feature used to help find your iPhone in case of loss. But because of the way you use this feature, they are in fact very similar tool to track, especially if we look at the way in which the use of this water by one person to track his car stolen.

According to a report from the site of News Channel 5 Nashville, he was the victim and Chase Richardson at the intersection of routes one night when a man approached his car with a gun in his hand and began hitting his window, and asked the Chase Richardson out of the car and get down on the ground.

After that request tasks from Chase Richardson delivered his personal phone and his, but not before skipping to the Chase Richardson the idea of placing a working phone inside the dashboard. Once you escaped the attacker’s drive, ran Chase Richardson to a nearby store where he called police, and when police arrived, they used the application Find My iPhone to track the suspect.

It seems that, thanks to the thinking of the Chase Richardson Highway, kept the entire station for only an hour before police were able to arrest the suspect. This is not the first occasion on which a feature of Find My iPhone the police in solving crimes. In the previous There have been reports talked about how they permitted this water company to find the hideout of the gang, and how the company also managed to recover 350 thousand dollars of the stolen items.

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