The company TKEY DMCC creates an independent payment service Tkeycoin

The company TKEY DMCC completes the preparation phase to launch a universal mobile payment service based on blockchain technology and infrastructure Tkeycoin. The new system will ultimately simplify and expedite the transfer of funds, will make transactions more secure, significantly expand the potential for financial settlement between counterparties.

Around the world in a matter of minutes and without intermediaries

One of the key advantages of the service Tkeycoin is the independence from channels Visa and MasterCard. Users will be able to ensure continuity of domestic and foreign payments and transfers, even if the international and national card system will cease to function. The news about the development of innovative Tkeycoin already, there was a positive reaction of the major players in the corporate, banking and public sectors in Russia. The interest of businessmen and financiers due to the fact that the service Tkeycoin able to completely neutralize the risks in terms of when the payment system in a number of countries, including Russia, China, Iran, are threatened with isolation because of Western sanctions. Moreover, internal and cross-border transactions in any amount can be carried out without intermediaries and regulators. Transaction through the Protocol kYprotocol will pass much faster and with minimal costs.

To pay with bitcoin as easily as cash or credit card

Following the development concept of mobile payments, the company TKEY DMCC continues to work on special software applications for mobile devices based on Android OS and iOS. Using Apple Pay and Google Pay users mobile apps and web wallet Tkeycoin will be able to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrency can be used to pay the dinner at the restaurant or purchase in a store, to buy bread or milk. To do this, the owner of the web wallet will be enough to bring the smartphone with the NFC chip to the contactless payment terminal. Tools mobile app will instantly translate to the wallets of the contractors, for USD or EUR to buy Tkeycoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum on the current exchange rate, or Vice versa, to change the cryptocurrency for Fiat.

Store, send and receive cryptocurrency in any convenient form

Payment system Tkeycoin will work through a single payment gateway capable of processing and routing transactions of the user of the system. Intelligent software module in the future will be able to work with all known cryptocurrency, but the first stage will be processed by the TCD. The role of the gateway is to in tandem with the currency exchange module web wallet Tkeycoin through the stock exchange or the Bank will automatically transfer the cryptocurrency into the national currency of the payee. For example, if the user will pay Tkeycoin for a Burger in Seattle, the seller will receive payment in dollars and in rubles. In the future it is planned to introduce multimenu platform that will allow the payee to choose the currency of the appointment.

Your Bank is always with You

All of the above makes the cryptocurrency objects of the global financial system, the same as any national money. However, the possibility of storing in a web wallet Tkeycoin, gives her a lot of advantages, including full protection against inflation, devaluation, blocking access to the actions of third parties or a failure in an international payment system. Even the large-scale collapse of the local currency, including those created artificially, such as those we recently witnessed in Russia, Turkey, Iran, will not be able to affect the value of the cryptocurrency. The stability of its exchange rate is ensured by independence from the mechanisms of the global monetary system. Obviously, when cryptocurrency is finally beginning to be used in circulation of any country, the state will receive substantial basis for economic development.

How to become more independent and successful with Tkeycoin

The first countries where users will be able to use the tools Tkeycoin, will be Russia and the UAE. This decision is made by developers for a number of reasons. Arab Emirates was chosen because of the high interest of local investors to the project Tkeycoin. Today, the company TKEY DMCC is still open for investment, manufactures share issue, which are as large funds and ordinary people. Thanks largely to investors from the UAE assets Tkeycoin continue to grow steadily, increasing the company’s capitalization, and with it the growing possibilities of technology improvement. The launch of the service in Russia will allow users of the cryptocurrency Tkeycoin among the first to take advantage of the unique mechanisms of mobile payments, as well as get rid of possible future problems associated with the strengthening of control over gambling transfers, which in Russia takes place in the world.

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