The company Huawei do not want to replace the Android, just want to replace only the GMS

Huawei Mate 30 pro

When the company revealed Huawei operating system HarmonyOS own, appeared quickly speculation to the effect that future phones of the company will work with this system instead of Android. Since then, we have seen the launch of a series phones, Huawei Mate 30 Series with Android, which lacks apps and services Google well-known acronym in the name of the Google Mobile Services.

Stressed the head of media and communications at Huawei, Mr. Joy Tan that the company will continue to rely on Android in its phones in the near future because the move to a different operating system requires not only several years of operation but will also be detrimental to consumer confidence. With the adoption of the A lot of users of Huawei’s apps and Gmail services, prefer the company to focus its resources on increasing the expansion pack for the Huawei Mobile Services own be a substitute.

Without the strong, will not be able to Huawei of to provide a viable option to its users to international. On the other hand, attract a community large enough to of the developers is not easy, but it will still be the logical step to buy a Huawei at this stage.

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