The company equipped with sensor and camera iPhone reduced its forecast due to falling sales of the phone

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Announced the company AMS AG, the Austrian supplier of the sensor of lighting and special camera which is considered the main provider of iPhone developed by Apple for the decline in its forecast during the next period due to falling sales of its customers in the market currently. Where to their expectations in the fourth quarter talking about 480$ to 520$ million, compared with 570$ – 610$ million upon the launch of the iPhone last month.

The company is AMS AG is the Fourth of the companies that supply Apple with phones that announce the decline in sales expectations in the next period, after the company Qorvo, the Lumentum, and Japan Display, which cuts off the way to open new production lines to that provided by iPhone.

While the police didn’t know about the decline of the sales of the Apple TV directly, it’s clear that the upgraded iPhone is the reason for that, especially since AMS AG said that the main reason in the decline of expectations goes back to the decline of demand from leading customers. And is Apple TV is the most prominent clients of Austrian company with a stake of up to 20% of the sales.

But what’s interesting is the explanation of the other three companies declining sales for the same reason in the same way, it is worth mentioning that the sales of Qorvo for Apple TV Help 36% of revenues, while representing to buy Lumentum about 30%, whereas the sales of Japan Display with LCD screens about 55% in favor of Apple, which makes things be in the same folder on the decline of sales of the iPhone in particular and that the company Foxconn manufactured phones lines have been cut recently produced iPhone XR.

Maybe it doesn’t seem surprising for fans of the auditors in the company’s business, especially with the announcement in the last quarters of the financial decision not to disclose sales of its phones again, which made everyone expect the company’s desire to hide the retreat of units sold from the phones, which made her also raise their price.

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