The coming weeks Mars will be seen with the naked eye

Over the next six weeks Mars will appear brighter in the night sky than the last 15 years. The planet will be at the closest point to the Earth in which she last was in June and July 2003. July 31, Mars will be the brightest, being at a distance of 57.6 million kilometers from Earth.

Throughout July Mars will be easy to see with the naked eye. Its brightness it will be comparable to the brightest stars. At this point, the Earth will pass directly between Mars and the Sun. Last month the same situation was Jupiter at a distance of 658 million kilometers.

When you look at Mars, remember that there is now a raging storm of dust. According to NASA, it covers the entire planet and is one of the most intense ever observed. For this reason, the Rovers of NASA are in the sleep mode, and it is not known whether they will be able to function after the storm.

Of course, in the night from Land only to see it fail. Just remember that to see Mars as close we will be able not earlier than in 15 years.

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