The combustion of a space capsule from SpaceX during the tested in Florida

She said the company “SpaceX” SpaceX owned entrepreneur famous American, Elon Musk, said that the problem occurred in one of the capsules Crew Dragon during the testing of the engines at the station “Cape Canaveral” Cape Canaveral Air in Florida on Saturday.

The company said in a statement: “the completion of the preliminary tests successfully, but the final test led to a bug in the test platform”.

The newspaper “Florida Today” Florida Today first reported this problem, she said, the orange smoke was seen billowing above the installations “SpaceX”, and added that the company was able to contain the problem without any injuries.

She said the company “SpaceX”: the teams conducting an investigation in the matter and is working closely with partners National Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA” NASA of the United States.

It is the side of the people said its director, Jim Bridenstine, in a tweet on the Twitter website: “I informed people of the outcome of the test SpaceX Static Fire Test and the problem that occurred during the final Test”. He added: “But we disagree for this. We will learn and make my necessary adjustments, and move forward safely with the ‘Commercial Crew Program’ Commercial Crew Program our own”.

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It is indicated that NASA had awarded to my company “SpaceX” and “Boeing” a total of 6.8 billion USD for the construction of rocket systems and capsules scattered to launch astronauts to Earth orbit from American soil.

In the month of March/ last March, the company completed SpaceX, a privately owned successfully its mission in the sending capsule is a manned mission to the International Space Station and returned safely to Earth, a task which is essential to the plans of NASA to resume its flight human space from American soil.

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