The CIA the CIA is planning to join Instagram

He stated the director of the CIA “CIA” CIA (Jenna wound up) that the agency will soon launch a new account on the service, share photos, videos Instagram, and recent work to help them.

During the speech wound up last Thursday in front of a crowd of students in Auburn University, Alabama, USA, said: the CIA will soon get an account on Instagram, which will be the third location for the agency’s social presence, after Facebook andTwitter.

It is not clear when will release the account officially or what will be its purpose, but according to the website “Mashable” the synthesizerثلاخخنCEBOOK technical, there is already a page vice full of symbols of the random waiting is released to the public.

Stated a spokesperson for Instagram – owned by Facebook – for “the ferry” The Verge report on Monday: “we have our team worked with the CIA, as they do with many partners, to provide best practices and guidance when it comes to the launch of the account in Instagram”.

Referred to federal agencies other US, such as: Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” the FBI, already have accounts on social networking sites, including Instagram.

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