The Chrome browser that adds the option to use the search engine DuckDuckGo

متصفح كروم يضيف خيار استخدام محرك البحث DuckDuckGo

Launched Google new update for the browser Chrome version 73 two days ago, this update on the non-public brought with it the unannounced option to put the search engine DuckDuckGo as a key to the user through the settings of your preferred search engine, to avoid the police that a different choice for the users over their competitors in this area.

Was Google might have helped DuckDuckGo earlier to get a short range to the search engine by typing instead of writing a complete sentence DuckDuckGo. It now allows the use of engine options search engines in the browser by Chrome in more than 60 markets and countries around the world.

This comes from Google to demonstrate their support for the competitors and not to impose its control over the market, especially after fined by the European Union large amounts more than once because of the policy of containment in its products like search engine and operating systems.

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