The Chrome browser on Android will get the advantage of exploring new

متصفّح كروم على أندرويد سيحصل على ميزة استكشاف جديدة

Soon you will receive the Chrome browser new Explore feature completely on the Android operating system, where currently is the development of the user interface on this tab, through which will provide a new way for users of the browser with a view to the discovery of content that may spark their interest, which means that the possibility of quick access to web sites that you may like.

At the present time for reasons of test, says the tab exploration of the new offer of web sites Indian, and of course through the coming days or weeks will be taking into account the sites which usually a user searches through a browser and all states.

متصفّح كروم على أندرويد سيحصل على ميزة استكشاف جديدة

Finally if you have the latest version of the Chrome browser on Android, you’ll have to move to chrome: // flags in the browser, and search for “Explore” and choose the tag “Explore websites”, and after that you have enabled the option and then restart the browser, and it should show the interface of new exploration when you open the new tab page.

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