The Chinese version of the phone OnePlus 6 get the new update to solve the problem of depletion of the battery

OnePlus 6 123

Although it was released a couple of updates for the OnePlus 6 aims both to repair some of the problems that appeared in this phone after arrival to the market, there are still some problems that didn’t make those updates in fixed, but rather at their situation.

Just as happened before, the company OnePlus issued a new update for Chinese phone OnePlus 6 protects version HydrogenOS 5.1.10. According to reports, this update comes mainly to fix some problems related to games, to fix the problem of the depletion of the battery, which aroused the resentment of many of the features of the phone OnePlus 6 in recent years.

There have been some complaints about the lack of availability of some games with the screen of the phone OnePlus 6 characterized by the width to Height the 18:9, But this problem has been solved now. Moreover, it has been reduce the sensitivity of the screen to prevent inadvertent touches, and improved the feature to double click to wake the screen so that now recording double clicks more accurately. Although the change history says that this update includes ” improvements and fixes ” only, it amounted to Chinese users about the improved battery life after the update is installed.

Generally, given that this update has already arrived to the Chinese version of the phone OnePlus 6, We believe it only a matter of time before it is issued the same update for global phone OnePlus 6.



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