The Chinese government set the maintenance system to see the cars after an accident killed a girl driver “Didi”

الحكومة الصينية تعيد صياغة نظام مشاركة السيارات بعد حادثة قتل فتاة من سائق "ديدي"

Company Didi the author of the application “Didi is using” transport and Communications the most actively traded in China, or even in the world, which provide the service did not win the 450 million users around the world, including more than 11 million applications a day, it seems today is in trouble again after the death of a girl by one of the drivers stabbed in the neck after raping her.

According to some reports, the victim was using a car through the Hitch, which is provided by the police to watch the car for short distances, where the girl with 20 years old being raped and then killed by stabbing her in the neck in Wenzhou city of East China, last Friday, the police arrested the accused 27-year-old yesterday Sunday.

The company suspended service Hitch after the accident, and all of the Director-General in charge of this service, the Vice President of customer care, it seems that the expulsion came in response not to deal in the required form and open an investigation into the complaint by a passenger, alleging that the driver himself has to track riding again, after their economies away one day before the incident, as stated in the company letter commenting on the topic.

Did not heal after the company from the consequences of the murder, which he had also done one of their drivers against passengers in May, which sought the company over the past months to improve its image, so come to the new crime situation even worse and the attitude you have, despite the taken measures After the incident of the past, to strengthen security to allow the transfer of drivers and passengers of the same sex, at certain hours of the morning and evening only that the new crime happened to actually read the PM.

The company has experienced Chinese extension in the previous years, it has acquired a US rival uber last year, entered the Mexican market in April of this year, but if you continue to have these crimes will affect travel and the loss of the company for its customers for the company.

The Chinese government re – formulation of the system of public transport and share cars after the latest incident, which would prevent companies from continuing to provide similar services, especially Didi.

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