The Chinese government ratified the deployment of 80’s video game after decoding the ban


China has continued to prevent the sale of home consoles for years too long, and so, the “culture” of video games as a hobby, never in China. This changed when the ban was lifted on sale of games consoles in China, and I got it in July of 2015.

Though, China has frozen the process of licensing (approval) of the special video games since last March, and wasn’t able companies publish their games in China. Well, the representative of China confirmed officially that the ban has been lifted, and that, being in the present time to review the contents of a large number of games in preparation to allow the publication in China of new.

The Chinese government has ratified over 80 video game as a prelude to allow the deployment of these games in China. These games are 6 titles for the PC, one address plates IV, and 6 games browser, and 67 game for smart phones.

Recall that this news has caused the shares rise work publish games in China, the telecommunications company massive Tencent and also the firm NetEase.

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