The Chinese government are thinking about banning the mining of digital currencies completely


The major operations of mining digital currencies take place in China, but it seems that the Chinese government is not thrilled about it, because it seems that the regulatory bodies in China are thinking about several options even include the Prohibition of mining digital currencies fully because they are classified as economic activity ” undesirable “.

That was the definition of mining digital currencies in a government document released last week by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. The paper published by this regulatory body has a proposal to ban the mining of digital currencies such as bitcoin. Due to the risk that mining operations these waste valuable resources.

Is mining digital currencies using computers strong and require a great deal of power because it calculates the transactions to the digital currency. It should be noted that the amount of energy used by mining operations bitcoin community adopt more of the energy used by some small states for their operations normal. Obviously, this causes a number of damages to Planet Earth also.

At least followed China very careful approach to the direction of the digital currency at the government level. The people’s Bank of China even prohibit the initial offers for digital in September of 2017. It now appears that the country is considering banning the mining of digital currencies fully.

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