The Chinese city of Shenzhen boasts of having the largest fleet of electric buses in the world

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Shenzhen is one of the largest cities in China. It’s a commercial area, the district has seen hard at becoming a leading commercially in the future. She seeks to lead in some other respects as well, the city of Shenzhen now owns the largest fleet of electric buses in the world. All of the 16 thousand buses in this huge city that operates entirely by electricity.

He was the Shenzhen City the former rely on the entire fleet of buses powered by diesel, but that’s changed now that the city decided to rely entirely on buses that run on electricity. It should be noted that this step comes as part of the city plan which aims to reduce emissions by relying increasingly on clean energies with the knowledge that electric buses are also quieter compared to buses powered by diesel.

On this subject, stated the deputy general manager of Shenzhen Bus Group, Mr. Joseph Ma said : ” We found that the electric buses are quiet so that people may not hear it when you’re coming. “ He added that his company has received requests to add some noise to the synthetic for the electric buses so that people can hear it already, says the company Shenzhen Bus Group that she is aware of this suggestion already.

According to the company, will enable its fleet of electric buses to maintain 160 thousand tons of coal annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions the annual amount of 440 thousand tons. Not to mention that the fuel bill will be significantly reduced as well.

As you want the city to be all taxis in the city fully electric, too. Has asked all taxi 22 thousand cars in the city of Shenzhen that rely entirely on electric power before the end of this month. The company’s Shenzhen Bus Group has already analyzed all taxi affiliate, amounting to the number of 4600 taxi to electric cars before the deadline.


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