The cheapest way to run the content of your Mobile on the TV screen

HDMI Mirascreen

There are undoubtedly multiple ways and a variety of tools for this purpose that allows it to convert the TV screen into a smart screen, that transfers made to the costs of different top there is a smart screen which works by default system emulator systems Android, then tools supporting Flash, USB compact Android system that will do the job and convert the screen to a smart with differing prices that range from $ 40 to 80.

Let’s get into the way at least the cost of which depends on the operation content of your Mobile on the TV screen, this is also not Ways and methods are different. Least expensive are these pieces HDMI Mirascreen that exceed their price is about 11 US dollars, which are available on online shops on the internet.

Work this Wi-Fi widget to turn the TV screen to smart . That’s where the intelligence here to return your phone mobile and apps is more than to prepare, or counted. Your phone will call your mobile with this widget via Wi-Fi and through the Smat View that is supported by modern smartphones.

Relate to these pieces in turn with the TV through a cable of HDMI traditional. To facilitate the change in work can provide them with electric power through a cable via USB, your TV itself, or through the shipper’s own beauty.

Immediately contact your mobile phone this widget HDMI Mirascreen will display the content of the phone screen on the TV screen and from here, you can run movies and live broadcasting on the TV screen when you run it on your mobile phone to enjoy watching the family with the big screen.

The widget is available at most stores, but we guide you to the stores in aliexpress here for more information about her:
HDMI Mirascreen

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