The cheapest iPhone, AirPods 2 and other Apple news

While it’s freezing outside, we invite you to drop in five minutes everything and see what happened in the Apple world over the past week. Interesting events enough, so it is better and tea brew. Ready? Go!

1. For the past six months iPhone was tormented by the question: when will the AirPods 2, well, when? And we have the answer. The AirPods release second generation will take place in the first half of 2019, learned analysts DigiTimes. The new product will be an enhanced version of the original headphones with advanced specs and enhanced functionality.

New AirPods will receive support advanced features for tracking health.For example, remembering the love athletes have for AirPods, it can be assumed that the novelty will be able to measure heart rate, track steps taken and record calories burned, transmitting that information to a smartphone.

And, of course, the headphones will receive protection from water and dust, new gestures and, most important, support for the command “Hey Siri” that allows you to activate assistant by voice instead of having to initiate the call manually. Yes, the one that Apple showed at the recent presentation.

2. Which phone would work best selfie? No, not guessed, not on the iPhone. Here in DxOMark (it is such a guru of mobile photography) has decided not to confine himself to the basic cameras phones and ranked the smartphones with best front facing cameras.

Took part in the evaluation smartphones, many of whose names are even hard to pronounce, so straight to the point: the best selfie, as it turned out, work on the Pixel Google 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the experts noted the high quality of both photo and video. The first and second scored 92 points. iPhone Max XS c 82 points gave fourth place, and iPhone X (71) this time he closed the top ten. And this despite the fact that this smartphone will soon be two years.

Incidentally, the last time DxOMark is often accused of bias tests. For example, Huawei P20 Pro makes an excellent night shots, but need to wait a few seconds to get the photo.

3. Thought this time without news about AirPower? Whatever. Again, you can sit in the pose of Iduna, because in both stores the accessory will start to arrive at the end of the year, the announcement of Apple going to do until September. In the official Apple retail novelties will be sold at the same time.

In the market of China AirPower will cost about 1,000 yuan (almost $ 145). Given the pricing of Apple, the price will probably be $ 149. In Russia, wireless charging can cost 13-14 thousand rubles.

In September 2018, Apple decided to remove the official website all references to AirPower, raises some questions. It should be noted that Digitimes is not known for reliable leaks, so take this information with caution. Honestly, we wish that insiders were wrong, and Apple started to sell these accessories in the spring.

4. Where to buy the cheapest in the world iPhone, iPad and Mac? Now to answer this question has become even easier.

The cheapest Apple smartphones, if you believe The Mac Index can be found in the United States. For example, the iPhone XS is 64 GB there is $ 999 (approximately 67 000). A little more expensive phone will cost Canada and Japan. Although Russia in this list is located on the 25th place with its almost 90 000 rubles for the iPhone XS, it’s not the most expensive price. In France to buy this smartphone with a local tax will have 89 359 rubles, Czech Republic — more than 90 000 rubles.

But with Apple, the picture is somewhat different. If you take 10,5 iPad Pro with 256 GB of memory and a cellular module, cheapest you can find in Canada (like most other iPad models) — there it is less than 60 000. Where is cheaper to buy a Mac? You will be surprised, but not in the US or Canada, and in Australia! Yes, it is cheaper there sell new MacBook Pro.

The most expensive in Brazil. Yeah, in this country for appliances Apple to go just not worth it (well, the beaches are nice).

5. By the way, we’re in your Telegram chat has conducted a survey (the reference to it will leave in the description) and find out what the device from Apple waiting in 2019 most.

Most readers I wish that in the coming year, Apple introduced the second generation iPhone SE. He gave their votes for 34% of the total number of respondents from our Telegram chat. With a margin of just 1% in second place is the sequel to the AirPods wireless headphones. I must say that for a long time he remained the leader of the survey, but to his end a little bit passed their position and was forced to cede iPhone SE 2.

In third place, oddly enough, is a charging station AirPower with a share of 13%. Obviously, respondents do not feel embarrassed about the difficulties that Apple faced in the process of development and production, nor the potential danger of induction of charges for health. Another 10% voted for the iPad mini 5.

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