The chat bot to learn English in an interactive manner via Messenger

شات بوت لتعلم الإنجليزية عبر الماسنجر

The methods of learning English and diversified its sources, between apps and websites and YouTube channels and accounts in social networking sites, and all of this development goes back at last to the learner for the interest and gives him multiple options to choose the most suitable and the best.

It is the new ways you can make use of them to achieve this goal, is through Facebook Messenger and through the robot chat (Chatbots) that have become more prevalent in recent times, those robots that interact with the user via the interface application consolidation burst in order to provide certain services (such as Technical Support Services or the ordering and purchase) or help a user to access digital content custom.

You can use the bot chat (chatbot) in many areas, including the field of Education, and the educational task in our time: the field of English language learning, and for this goal; the site EnglishPT which started basically as an initiative of youth to practice the English language, in the month of May to launch the bot new tutorial, which began the period of the experience that lasted for nearly a month, and then re-launch officially after the performance has been improved and the development of the interface to use.

Bots tutorial is based on the idea of sending new lessons are prepared weekly and sent to all participants, that the lessons do not Private Label the inside of the bot, are “capsules”, which are lessons based on the video as the content number, and the form of short scenes followed each scene a question about the scene, it comes the question about the word or the phrase (to test and develop listening skill) has come from the knowledge translation (to test inventory language learner) has come to test the writing skills or knowledge of linguistic rules.

Answer the questions inside the bot via multiple choice, so even if made a mistake on the answer, he can try again then move on to the next scene, with each scene regarding the learner to a new part of the story covered in the article, even up to the last stage to be able to see the video fully without subtitles after that be may learn the words and understand the dialogue.

Finally can learn more about this bot via the official website, or via the following video which is a proof use the Quick for this service, as a way to participate in bot, so by sending the word “lessons” to the Account page bot within the platform Messenger.

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