The CEO of Pantera Capital, Bitcoin rat poison. Only rats here are banks

At the conference the company Dan Morehead said that cryptocurrencies are an advanced form of money. The expert considers the development of the blockchain the biggest breakthrough of the current generation. This writes the CCN.

Recall that Morehead has repeatedly stated about the prospects of Bitcoin. Earlier the analyst suggestedthat in the long term, the total capitalization of the stock market will reach 40 trillion dollars.

Time to buy Bitcoin

According to Dan Morehead, now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

Now it would be nice to increase their positions.

The current correction in Bitcoin expert, called the regular cycle, which is the seventh time that staggers the cryptocurrency market. After 10-12 months of digital assets konsolidiruyutsya, and then re-start the global bullish trend.

There is a high probability that we are now at the lowest point for the entire industry. Cryptocurrency will return to the growing trend.

Morehead also remembered the words of Warren Buffett, who has previously called the crypt “rat poison in the square.”

Yes, that’s rat poison. Only rats here are the banks.

The very blockchain technology analyst called “the last piece of the puzzle” that complements the Internet. Thanks to the crypt funds online are now able to navigate without the participation of third parties. In the future the blockchain will appear a lot of new applications.

I think we are going to the era of postcapitalism. The last 30 years, people without a huge capital to create a multibillion-dollar technology. Now, instead of one owner we will have a “cooperative” innovation with a huge market capitalization.

The conference also talked about the importance of diversification of cryptoperthite and future projects invested in Pantera Capital. The representative of the Fund Verdict Paul said about the importance of attracting institutional investors into the industry.

We believe that large players are interested in bitcoin. In all parts of the world gradually begin to develop custody services for institutional investors.

We will remind, earlier the largest network of exchanges of the USA declared the beginning of futures trading on Bitcoin. I hope all this will help the cryptocurrency to update your price high. And until the time to this significant event can pass in our cryptodata.


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