The CEO Block.One: Bitcoin is the best means of preserving value

Altcoins are continuing to grow rapidly in value and find new applications. But respect to the first cryptocurrency remains unchanged, even among prominent founders of some altcoins. For example, the CEO of Brendan Blumer wrote on Twitter that he believes Bitcoin is the best store of value in history.

Bitcoin will supersede gold

People perceive the main cryptocurrency in different ways. Some consider it a payment instrument, other digital money or a medium of exchange. But the most common point of view, Bitcoin is the best tool for preserving value. This topic was a lot of controversy partly because of the strong volatility of BTC. But the majority still believes that Bitcoin will eventually replace gold.

Bitcoin is a better store of value than anything that existed before. And he’s willing to replace gold as a competitive and endowed with digital functionality. And though debate will continue for a long time, now Bitcoin has obvious advantages over gold.

Experts have identified such advantages.

  • Issue of BTC is limited and programmed this feature will not allow the coins to depreciate.
  • Bitcoin operates on safe a unique cryptographic Protocol that is almost impossible to hack.
  • It is a divisible asset, making it a great option for investment. For objective reasons no one will share gold bullion, real estate or bonds for the tiny portions. And certainly you will not pinch off the milligrams of gold to pay for coffee.
  • Bitcoin is very mobile and allows you to transfer the required amount to anywhere in the world within minutes.

The current rate of the coins can be viewed at the class rating of the cryptocurrency. And cryptodata of hontarov discuss the disadvantages of the cryptocurrency. If they have, of course.

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