The CBR has proposed to limit the maximum amount of investments in the crypt for ordinary investors

In the future, ordinary investors on the territory of the Russian Federation will be deprived of free access to digital assets — so decided at the Central Bank of Russia. Individuals banned to invest unlimited amounts in the crypt. Every citizen is supposed to kind of “rate of investment” — limit the amount of money you can invest in Bitcoin or altcoins.

New restrictions

A new initiative of the Central Bank to journalists, RBC said the head of the Duma Committee on Finance Anatoly Aksakov. The project is still under discussion and still needs to be tested in the state Duma.

Issuers digital of financial assets (tokens) will be obliged to collect information about the investors and submit it to the relevant authorities. This is done to ensure that the state can track the use of “the annual limit” which will take each individual. The exact amount limit is not yet announced.

Most likely, the threshold will be installed in the same magnitude as the current limit for investments in crowdfunding. Recall now individuals can invest a maximum of 600 thousand rubles a year in this industry.

The Central Bank also discussed other aspects for limits:

  • the total amount of money sent in payment;
  • the total cost for token exchange;
  • the value of the cryptocurrency, which can be issued specifically for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In fact, Russian citizens will be able to purchase digital assets from Russian companies without the mediation of professional market participants. However, financial institutions — banks, stock exchanges and depositories will still have to track all transactions to the crypt and bring them into the registers.

Source: Reddit

We will remind, the bill on digital of financial assets, the state Duma will consider today in the second reading. There is also the possibility of postponement on this issue for a week due to technical problems. The developments follow our cryptodata.


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