The causes will you buy the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone XS!

After that as Apple about the latest iPhone, there are still a lot of people admire the phones old iPhone, which became much cheaper than ever before.

While sold iPhone XS the most expensive compared to the price exceeds $ 1100, the company reduced the selling price of the iPhone 8, which was released over a year ago for 600 $ which is the price is affordable.

According to the site Business Insider the features of iPhone 8 is not limited to its price only, but if its design and its features are still able to compete with the new flagship phone from Apple.

Reasons to buy the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone XS!

The price of the iPhone 8 is less than the iPhone XS a difference of $ 400.

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

If you are looking for a phone with the latest specifications at good price, and think the iPhone 8 is a great option. It seems that the phone from $ 599, and you can buy adoption by monthly payments not to exceed $ 24.95.

At the time the exchange where the fabric of the storage capacity of 64 GB at a price of $ 599, the phone can iPhone 8 with a capacity of 256 GB that will cost $ 749. Despite that, these are still a better deal than buying the iPhone XS new sold starting of $ 999 and up to 1349 $ for the same storage capacity of the largest.


iPhone 8 lighter and thinner than the iPhone XS

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

iPhone 8 is considered the best option for you if you think these things are a priority for you.

iPhone 8

Weight: 148 grams

Thickness: 7.3 mm

iPhone XS

Weight: 177 g

Thickness: 7.7 mm


iPhone 8 waterproof features with wireless charging such as the iPhone XS

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

Similarly for the iPhone XS new, iPhone 8 with the property Qi for wireless charging. Enjoy the old phone with the water resistance under a depth of one meter for up to thirty minutes.

But the iPhone XS waterproof better than iPhone 8, where the benefit of Apple that it can submerge the new phone in water to a depth of 2 meters for up to thirty minutes.


iPhone 8 button with home page reader, fingerprint

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

Although they do not fall within the latest technology Apple, only to re-button the main page in addition to the reader footprint, which can open a lock device, will be appreciated by persons accustomed to the use of phones and the old Apple TV.

Since manufactured phone iPhone X, Apple abandoned on the Home button reader footprint, to allow the council to assess facial recognition Face ID. It uses the iPhone XS feature Face ID also.


Includes iPhone 8 camera with advanced features for added camera iPhone XS

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

And does not need the old phone to the property of sound insulation portrait mode or technology insulation lighting portrait lighting in front and rear cameras. It also does not depend on the property Animoji or property Memoji modern.

Not available in the iPhone 8 feature optical zoom X2. But, the iPhone 8 Enjoy has a great camera despite of these shortcomings, and the front camera on most of the specifications that are available in the iPhone XS including Lens accurately 7 mega pixels and an angle of amplitude of 2.2. In addition to its ability to record videos in 1080p HD.

And rear camera for iPhone 8 lens wide-angle lens of accuracy 12 mega pixel camera with the wider 1.8 in a manner similar to an iPhone XS. This camera can capture a wide range of colors, as it is equipped with LED flash quad and can capture 4K videos.


iPhone 8 could run iOS 12

شراء هاتف iPhone 8 بدلًا من iPhone XS

Phone iPhone 8 supports system iOS 12 is the latest version so far of the smart phone operating system developed by Apple which is the same version that it considers the company to operate the iPhone XS.

In fact, the Find iPhone 8 he buys is relatively easier than buying iPhone XS which is likely to be there is a rise in the proportion of his request, this means that a lot of people will wait weeks or months to get this phone.

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