The car gets new investment, led by the company note

سيارة تحصل على استثمار جديد بقيادة شركة عِلم

Can Car platform closed Round new investment led by the science leader in the field of technology and owned sovereign wealth fund in Saudi Arabia. The tour ended investment without disclosure of their financial value, but value does not look and it is simple, where previously the policy of getting investment worth 7.5 billion riyals last year.

It was a policy platform established in late 2015 at the hands of Salah tea party Pfizer Anzi in Riyadh, and has since the time of the web site in addition to the application for smart phones.

Offering a car services offer cars for sale and purchase in an easy manner, and also offer a range of value-added services to help facilitate the procurement process and urged the client to choose the resolution best suited to buy or not. Has launched a product also Service buying a car in full via the app without the need for negotiations on, and through the test the car and then push the value directly.

Commenting on this round, the challenge Salah Tea Party, co-founder and chief executive officer in the organization commented: “We are on a mission to change and re-formation of the mechanism that are buying and selling cars in the region, and that the new partnership with “the science” will help significantly in improving its product offerings and provide a wide range of services and better users whether for sale or purchase”.

As stated by the official spokesperson of the vice-president of marketing in the “note”, Majed bin Saad al-Arifi, expressed that this step comes within the company’s strategy aimed at investing in sports projects the meaningful financial and strategic through the arm of the company to invest bold, and partnership with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies with innovative nature, technical. He explained Arifi also that this support is by participating in capital support and technical expertise and.

And Fayez Al-Enezi, the company’s co-founder and executive director of marketing, in the “car” by saying: “the partnership with “the science” offers the prospect of great innovation and creativity to buy a “car” this will contribute to the innovation and development of servants of the quality of sector buying and selling cars in the Kingdom and will also help the team in the “car” to continue developing existing products and the implementation of his plans for development to contribute to improving users ‘ experience and expertise in this sector and raise the quality of Service and safety and minimize the risk in this market.”

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia is the largest automobile market in the Middle East, and of possessing about 40% of the market share for cars in the region.

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