The camera – Huawei overtake Samsung and Apple’s from New !

Who’s not taking a picture through his smart phone for? Smart phones are going the way to become a professional cameras are small, and that’s what these phones announced recently, and among manufacturers, in the latest report of the test camera, Huawei all Samsung, Apple, and Google, to become the best, and our report today addresses this point.

تحدي الكاميرا - هواوي تتفوق على سامسونج وآبل من جديد !

The camera – Huawei overtake Samsung and Apple’s from New !

The camera – each new phone breaks what a kiss !

The competition is currently between several giants in the field of manufacturing of smart phones which are: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Google, and some other Chinese companies, and between the points competition to make phones better in terms of imaging, by adopting the techniques of photography, and yet everyone knows that the competition is fierce.

This year, even in the beginning of this month you know with us that the Galaxy S9+ best smart phone where the camera !, the Prior to this you knew also that the phone Pixel 2 smashed iPhone 8 plus and the Galaxy Note 8 to be the best in Photography !

We assure you that the competition level, and a new flagship phone is detected destroy his rivals and win the bet, and this time, Huawei is the winner, and yet this period, by phones new.

Phone Huawei P20 Pro is better in terms of the camera !

Where was the classification of the phone through the platform to test the camera Dxomark, which has achieved amazing results, earning 109 points, breaking the 100-point mark, which stopped most of the phones, the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, who didn’t enjoy the first for a long time, even confirmed that Huawei is facing.

For results phone Huawei P20 Pro, which carries three cameras, the background, where we find that in Photography the best of it on video, where can phone adjust colors, as well as ensuring auto-focus, and get rid of the noise in the images, with better results in the approximation as well as the flash photography at night.

Same thing for the export of the video and the results were less as is usually camera phones, however the results achieved in the video recording was the best compared to other phones.

Of course, Huawei II, who ranked second in the ranking the phones in terms of preference camera, Huawei P20, which is the flagship phone revealed by the company, and the rear camera Double, grossing $ 102 points, which is what makes it ranked second as we mentioned, is superior to the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.

According to the next chart, the phone Huawei P20 I can get close to the results achieved by the backups, ensuring that a user wishing to capture still images or even record videos to get it all professionally.

Who is the next phone that will rights on the Huawei?

Currently Huawei is the last of the revealed about your grandparents, but from here until two or three months, may remain the province ranked first, before you Sony detects her phone’s flagship, as well as HTC of of currently buy Google, and even the upcoming fall Launch Date of Samsung phone to its tablets, and Apple TV devices the iPhone New, as well as Google phones New, which is expected to overtake the Huawei phones.

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