The California-based company provides cheap artificial marble beef elite varieties

On pages of our site we have repeatedly informed you that one or the other company begins the production of artificial meat. Of course, everyone wants to grab “your piece of the pie” with only the emerging market and based in San Francisco lab Just owned Fast Company, decided to make it a very original way. First, they artificial meat will be grown in special bioreactors, and secondly, it will be meat elite classes, but at a very affordable price.

But first, from California will move to the North–West of Tokyo on the farm under the name of Toriyama. The fact that it was there for years in special conditions grown cow breed Wagyu. And they make one of the best varieties of marble beef in the world. The cost of 1 pound of the meat (a little over 400 grams), by the way, is about $ 100 USA. And recently, Fast Company and Toriyama signed a contract under which the first would try to recreate the Wagyu meat in a special bioreactor.

The laboratory Just has a lot of experience in creating a variety of artificial products in the bioreactor. They have managed to “grow” very interesting products such as the nuggets, without natural chicken meat, batter, and probably the most controversial product, vegetable chicken eggs.

“From the point of view of ultimate value to us it makes no difference what the cells will be grown in the bioreactor faux beef or faux chicken. Thus marbled beef can cost as much as the nuggets.” — said the Director of Fast Company Josh Tetrick.

Now, the lab scientists distinguish various cells which were collected from the animal, and then selects the most appropriate cell line for the study. The main problem at this stage is the cost environment that nourishes the cells, so the unit of “Discovery Lab” is looking more and more cheap ingredients to create nourishing environments. The most interesting part of the plant is the robot Randy Johnson (named after the baseball player) who learns how all created components to communicate with each other.

However, some experts have expressed concern that widespread artificial marble beef will cause a drop in interest in the Wagyu meat. But Toriyama is sure of the opposite:

“We believe that the tradition of growing Wagyu will not be forgotten. On the contrary, we will win: a lot more people from around the world learn about our marble beef and try it.”

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