The butterfly effect: Apple is preparing to update the MacBook Pro keyboard

Apple is one of the few companies who are able to admit their mistakes. Albeit reluctantly, but in Cupertino agreed with the fact that the keyboard “butterfly” third generation, like its predecessor, can fail due to exposure to the mechanism of dust particles. It did not save even silicone membrane, which was intended to neutralize the influence of extraneous elements on the keyboard. That is why the company decided that the market needed a replacement.

According to the developer Guilherme Rambo, known for his knowledge about upcoming products to Apple, Cupertino is preparing an updated line of Mac notebooks with the improved keyboard. He did not disclose details about future upgrade and didn’t even leave a hint on the approximate timing of the implementation of planned innovations. However, the fact that Apple is working on a more reliable keyboard, deserves respect.

MacBook 2019

It might be “butterfly” of the fourth generation, the layout of which will change so that the dust and crumbs could not bring it down. We cannot exclude, however, that the company may not want to focus users on upgrade, as in this case, it is actually to sign for the fact that three previous generations was unspeakably bad. And this is considering accumulating claims against Apple from the fans and it is simply not necessary.

Most likely, the release of the updated line of MacBook c enhanced key pad “butterfly” will be held before the Oct. According to tradition, this month Apple introduced their computers. While it is not necessary that the new products will devote a separate event. If changes will be not so much, there is every reason to believe that the device will silently appear in the corporate online store Apple, as has happened in the past.

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