The building management system from Perenio – what it is, how it works and when to wait for us in the market

The market for smart home devices is now experiencing a real boom, with many companies interested in the development of this sector and are investing considerable resources in its development. The company Perenio – a new player in this market. She wants to show that the building management system is not difficult and available to all users. We went to Prague for the presentation of the company and looked at the first generation of IoT products Perenio.

The company Perenio created as part of ASBIS Group, one of Europe’s largest distributors of IT products. She is developing a building management system using the Internet of things. Headquarters Perenio is located in Prague, and two development centers in Ukraine and Belarus.

Vyacheslav Alikhanov (technical Director), Sergey Kostevich (Director business development), Vladimir Kovalchuk (Manager business development)

The company’s goal is not simply creating a set of devices for smart homes, and the development of integrated solutions for managing all offices, shops, business centers. In the first stage is Perenio products for the mass consumer segment, but is already working on new solutions for business, housing and other areas.

Products Perenio will be on sale in early July this year. Pre-order on the company website. At the start of sales will be offered a starting set of Security Kit Smart, as well as two in-house surveillance.

In the starter kit Smart Security Kit includes five products: a Central hub control system and wireless motion sensors, open, leakage and smoke. The process of installation and configuration of gadgets is quite simple. Device data are transmitted to the hub via the ZigBee Protocol.

Domestic surveillance cameras Perenio support Full HD video recording and connected with the hub via Wi-Fi. Due to the presence of IR LEDs they can record video in the dark. Cameras shoot 5 seconds before the alarm and 30 seconds after. One of the models is equipped with a rotating mechanism that allows you to remotely control the camera to cover the angle of up to 350° horizontally and 120° vertically. The company will also offer users the ability to record video to the cloud.

To control all devices Perenio designed app. It is possible to configure the behavior of notifications to connect remotely to the cameras, to create scenarios and view statistics for the selected period. The app will be available on Android and iOS.

Representatives of the company shared plans for the future. This year in the line of Perenio should appear street and Autonomous cameras, smart socket, smart valves for water shutoff and gas Central hub with support for LTE and a built-in battery that will allow you to connect the system to the security companies. In addition, Perenio wants to provide connectivity to their system of third party sensors via the ZigBee Protocol. In the future, the platform will be complemented by artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, face recognition.

In General, the first generation of products Perenio leaves a pleasant impression. It will be interesting to look at expanding the range of devices as well as on how soon they learn to interact with smart home systems from Google and Apple (in progress work). Soon the building management system Perenio come to us to review where we are to tell you more about the features of devices and share experiences from their work.

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