The bug in iMessage allows you to hack any iPhone remotely

Everyone knows what attention Apple pays security on their operating system. But even a Corporation of this magnitude are not always able to detect all critical errors and vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Was no exception and yesterday. At the presentation, Black Hat USA, devoted to security issues, several drivers have questioned the reliability of iOS.

The contents

The Conference Black Hat

The conference Black Hat USA entirely devoted to information security and bring together many people interested in protection of personal data, reverse-engineeringand finding vulnerabilities in operating systems.

The principle of operation of one of the vulnerabilities

One of the main themes of the event was the security of iOS. At the conference, researchers demonstrated several vulnerabilities associated with iMessage. One of them was critical — using the flaw, hackers managed to gain full access to information on the test device, including messages, email, photos, and data from third-party applications.

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Critical bug fix iMessage

This flaw affects all iOS devices 12-12.3.1 on Board. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the vulnerability can be exploited remotely, in fact, around the world.

The threat to exploit the exactly defined exported demonstrated that the attackers can use it very quickly. This means that the victim will not have to click on suspicious links or download malicious files. The whole hacking process happens in the background and does not require any action from the user.

In other words the operating system is attacked, will work the same as before, without causing any suspicion on the part of users. A hacker, meanwhile, will be able to download your personal data from your smartphone in which you may have information about Bank cards, photos, messages and other important information.

How to protect against vulnerabilities in iMessage

The vulnerability does not provide much of a threat to regular users, as it requires from the attacker the specialized knowledge and skills.

However, if you decided to protect yourself — you must upgrade to the latest current iOS version 12.4, where the security error has been completely eliminated. Of course, appropriate corrections were made in the current beta build of iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Why in iMessage so many bugs

According to the hackers, these vulnerabilities iMessage is a consequence of the rapidly developed application.

And it’s true: over the past few years, Apple has added its own messenger Animoji, a lot of visual effects and even App Store, giving third party apps access to the API. The company simply did not have time to comprehensively test iMessage for the presence of potential vulnerabilities or errors.

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