The British government give the green light for Huawei to participate in the construction of communication networks fifth generation

الحكومة البريطانية تعطي الضوء الأخضر لهواوي للمشاركة في بناء شبكات اتصال الجيل الخامس

After rounds of dialogue and negotiations at the domestic level in the UK and externally with friendly countries in respect of the use of equipment to Huawei to build the networks of the fifth generation, was the next final of the British National Security Council, chaired by the Prime Minister Theresa May ratify the hiring firm Huawei in the construction of some components of the fifth-generation networks infrastructure secondary which include collectors cases and some other ingredients, according to the report of Telegraph.

In provoke of this consent the ire of the United States previously noted the necessity of careful use of equipment of Huawei, especially in the construction of networks of the fifth generation where the face of the accusations of police work in favor of the state organs of the Chinese trade to their advantage and banned the use of its devices in the country as well as did a number of its allies such as Australia and New Zealand concerning the Prohibition of the use of the equipment of Huawei in building the networks of the fifth generation.

The understanding of the justification for the British government on its decision that the involvement of Huawei, the process of building infrastructure networks of the fifth generation will be limited to the participation of some of the secondary things, which in turn will represent the risk and rate the threats surrounding the company in accordance with the accusations addressed to them.

This resolution is a great asset to Huawei will help in breaking the stalemate and get rid European states after widening the circle of accusations against the company by the U.S. government Patriarchate, which was the last by the report of the CIA about Huawei received funding from the organs of security of the tray window.

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