The boy who sold his kidney for iPhone is now bedridden and streets for life

iPhone 4

Despite reports that stated that sales of the iPhone falling apart, it is safe to say that Apple products are still highly desirable due to the impression of luxury, which give to users. Now may some of you will remember that several years ago, decided to a little boy desperate to China to get iPhone 4 by selling his kidney.

Of course, this decision was not wise, and today it turns out that Glenn, because this boy has become doomed now to stay in bed because of the surgery undertaken by the doctors to remove his kidney is not done correctly, and that the surgical wounds did not heal well resulting in infection, an infection which spread later to the Faculty of the other, which means that this boy is 17-year-old have now to undergo dialysis treatment.

Making matters worse, the parents could not afford to bear the costs of his treatment, which means that unless the funds are collected in some way, you won’t be able to undergo the treatment necessary, which will lead to his death. In fact, this is not the first time where someone is sick due to an operation failed to raise funds in order to purchase a product from Apple.

Previously it was reported that another kid sold his kidney to buy iPad 2 you know one is the other at a later time. It is not clear whether the boy had managed to survive because the report at that time supports that only a small percentage of those who live in China are the ones who accept the programme of organ transplantation.

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