The bottle is a chameleon.. change color according to temperature and most importantly it is safe and healthy

Everyone is either a warning or receiving a warning of the seriousness of permanent use for plastic bottles on health, especially with the conditions of storage and destruction is not good, if what you are trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use, you must use the “bottle chameleon” reusable.

Was on the bottle the name of “the bottle chameleon” because of the special and impressive, the flag changes color according to the temperature of the water within it, and thus earn the MS use the same water bottle for a long time, thanks to a special coating that changes color temperature.

But the most important in the bottle, the Chameleon is made of stainless steel, a material resistant to rust, safe and nutritionally healthy, and will remain as a glass water with a capacity of 0.6 liters, can be used permanently, and there is no concern of not knowing the water level in the bottle due to the material of manufacture metal, the level of water will appear from the outside because of the changing colors.

Launched a campaign to fund the bottle chameleon on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter Kickstarter, and is scheduled to arrive home to his supporters by January of next year, priced at 11 pounds (250 pounds approx).

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