The Boring Company received permission to build a high-speed transit lines in Chicago

Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel) said that The Boring Company was selected as contractor for the construction and management of high-speed passenger line that will connect city centre and international airport O’hare.

The company Elon musk plans to build a tunnel for the Loop line (not to be confused with the Hyperloop project), which will run from downtown Chicago to the Northwest along public transport routes. The length of the line will be about 30 km.

Will carry passengers the modules Loop. They are designed for 16 passengers, will go at intervals of 30 seconds and will be able to overcome the whole distance in 12 minutes. For comparison, the subway ride takes about 40 minutes.

As for the cost of the trip, it is expected that it will be cheaper than a taxi and of services joint visits. The project is estimated at less than $1 billion On the timing of the start of construction is not reported.

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