The bone of an American mastodon on the farm can attract scientists from around the world

About 30 years ago, a couple of farmers from Iowa have discovered on his property the bones of a huge animal. It was first identified as a mammoth, but then the experts came to the conclusion that before them more ancient ancestor of modern elephants, the mastodon. I think this farm is a treasure trove of the remains of the creatures of the ice age, because recently it has been found the jaw of the same animal, and found him a teenager who was just walking by the Creek.

At the moment, bones are preserved in the Paleontological repository of the University of Iowa. According to his representatives, jaw length is more than 75 cm. Judging by the size, it belonged to a young mastodon, the growth of which at the time of his death was just over two meters.

Employees of the store think that a teenager is very time found the remains, because if the bone was in the sun and dried up, its structure would have collapsed and she has lost the properties of a normal bone. According to the head of the repository Tiffany Adrain, the guy raised his own heavy bone and carried to the farmers. Those due to past experience, already knew what to do, and wrapped the remains in plastic so they stay wet.

With all this, the couple asked the journalists not to disclose their names. A neighborhood of des Moines during the glacial period was a great place for woolly animals of the ice age, and quite possibly, soon they will have many archaeological groups.

Interestingly, the fossil bones are not always stored in official repositories. For example, in 2013, Alan Detrich found fossils of baby dinosaurs, and recently decided to sell them for 2,95 million dollars, and inusual anger paleontologists.

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