The Board of Qualcomm rejects unanimously the last offer submitted by company Broadcom

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Late last year, it was reported that a company Broadcom was required to take on Qualcomm, where he was offered an initial us $ 130 million. However, it turns out later that Qualcomm decided to reject this offer, noting that it is too low, that is why we we can’t when we heard that the company Broadcom offer another ” final ” value of 121 million USD with the shares in the company of Broadcom, an offer that was rejected also.

The company Boradcom had announced earlier this month that it will offer a final for Qualcomm, it seems that the offer was refused since then, as Qualcomm announced that the new display ” reduces the value of the assets of the company substantially “. As reported in a letter to Broadcom that their presentation does not take into account the value of the acquiring company NXP, and also resolve some of the jurisdictional disputes.

In its letter to the company Broadcom, said the company Qualcomm, said : ” with your decision does not give the value of stats on the company NXP, the resolution of expected disputes judicial current about the licensing, nor the value of for a large company in the networks of the fifth generation. With your decision inferior to our expectations as an independent company, which is much lower than all the complications and possibilities in our sector “.

While this can be the final try of the company to Broadcom, it seems that Qualcomm is completely closed on the idea. Has suggested the company since then a meeting to see if you’ll be able to address the ” serious shortcomings in carrying a bomb ” in the offer of the company Broadcom.


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