The board of British intelligence is about to claim Prohibition of equipment 5G, a subsidiary of Huawei

Huawei Company

Another day, means another blow to buy the Huawei by one of the Western governments. According to an annual report issued by the National Centre of cyber security in the UK, the Chinese company is still not able to fix many of the security problems and vulnerabilities in devices and services affiliate, which raises the question of whether she could manage any of their future products properly.

Although the oversight body in the United Kingdom expressed concern, they did not amount to officially claim the Prohibition of equipment 5G, a subsidiary of Huawei in the United Kingdom.

He said the report issued by the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, the oversight board ” did not see currently anything to prevent his confidence in the ability of Huawei to bring about change through the transformation programme of its own and will need to evidence continuous improvement in the way engineering the company’s software. “ Was expressed the same concerns by telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom, at least according to the Financial Times.

According to the same press, and telecommunications companies are already testing 5G technology on the equipment of Huawei, has been forced to do it because the decision concerns will lead to a weakening of the country at the racing put up internet high-speed, and that the decision to replace the current infrastructure would be the British government hundreds of millions of pounds sterling.

While sweating in the report, you can see a lot of criticism on the buy Huawei because of the lack of products and services for safety, and management system software suffers from many defects there are many concerns on the safety equipment that connects smartphone users with cellular networks.

Said the head of the Department of research and development in Huawei, Mr. David Wang, there’s a possibility to change all the resource for dropped points twice in his products, he further explained that the report does not indicate that the networks in the UK much more vulnerable than last year. However, what this report attempts to say is to buy a Huawei is that they haven’t improved anything at all during the twelve months past, but at least not become worse.

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