The blogger in 2004 showed an analogue of the Assistant with artificial intelligence

It’s amazing how many talented people in this world. Google Assistant was introduced in 2016, but in 2004 a programmer, designer and blogger Philip Lensen showed analog assistant with artificial intelligence — we will talk about Google Brain. A video demonstration of its capabilities was published on Reddit, for more information about the blogger and his project was not easy to find.

Before you begin, propose to evaluate the video itself:

— I need pitucha, ples!
Did you mean “Pizza”?
— YEAH!!! “pizza” pzhlsta!
OK, you want to order a pizza online?
— Hmmm, no, I need a PICTURE Pichi for homework
See. You need a large or small image?
Rather large, ples… also no copyright PLEASE!!!
I understand. There are many large images pizza. Some of them are in the public domain. Or do you want to pay a small amount per image, say less than $ 5?
— Hmm.. okay. I can pay 2-4 bucks max
Sounds reasonable. How about pictures for 2.99 dollar
— neeeeeee! I need a cartoon picture…..
How about this? Costs 1 dollar.
— URAAAA!!! fine, I’ll take it!
Glad to help! Your card was billed $ 1 plus 2% Google Commission. I’ll see you around!

Download the video at this link from the original.

If you try to search information about Google Brain project, Wikipedia will present it as a research, launched the company in 2011. However, no connection with the video 2004 no. The screenshot below shows the archive post on Google Blogoscoped of November 29, 2004:

Anyone can go to the link and verify the authenticity of the screenshot.

Surprise not only high mental capacity of assistant Brain, but what date Philip chose the cover to the video. While Google is not able exactly to understand the context, but in 2020 we will be able to get something like that in the dialogues with the assistant.

Additional information about Philip I managed to find here. It has no direct relationship to Google, in 2003, Phillip decided to start a blog on Google, which constantly publish interesting articles and materials that were directly related to Google and its search engine. Given its ability to program, it is probable that he is the Creator of Google Brain.

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