The blogger called Litecoin is the greatest Scam in the history of cryptocurrency. What is wrong with the coin?

Litecoin is the largest in the history of cryptocurrency the deception of investors. With such a statement was made by the author of the popular YouTube channel TruthNeverTold after analyzing the reasons for the sale of all coins of the founder of token Charlie Lee. This writes Bitcoinist.

On 20 December last year, Charlie Lee has announced that he sold or donated all prinadlezhashie him LTC. According to the businessman, he took this decision to avoid the conflict of interest that could provoke his statements regarding the price of the cryptocurrency.

Litecoin — godnoty or Scam?

Then the developer noted that in case of success of Litecoin in any case he will receive with the coins profit. However, the author TruthNeverTold channel believes that in fact the reason for the sale was completely different — Whether enriched at the expense of investors.

He sold everything at the top. Well, Charlie Lee, great job! But this decision you have proved a fact, that I talked about in 2011 — the developers build a model that has no intrinsic value, and sell it the unsuspecting public.

Although the Money after the sale If a large lot of coins fell down and never recovered, the developer of token-claims that made the right decision.

In fact, I have never had such amount of coins to drop Litecoin. My surgeries did not affect the market itself. The problem was the fact that I had a LTC, and people thought I could dump them on the market. It is because of this coin so greatly subsided.

Author TruthNeverTold made new version of the events that occurred at the end of last year. It is hoped that this is a misunderstanding — otherwise, any coin may be fraudulent. Even time-tested.

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