The bill prevents the U.S. government from using phones Huawei and ZTE

This topic bill could prevent the U.S. government from using phones Huawei and ZTE appeared on Engadget.

Us lawmakers worried since the period of the security risks that threatened the alleged ties between the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE and the Government of the country; so has the representative of the state of Texas “Mike kunal my” last week a bill called “the defense of the communications act of the United States government”, which aims to prohibit U.S. government agencies from the use of phones and equipment from these two companies.


The draft said the artists submitted by “Mike kunal.” that prohibited the U.S. government purchase and use of the devices and/or communication services from Huawei and ZTE. In a statement on its website explained, “Mike” the technology coming from these countries pose a threat to national security, and that the use of these devices will be such as to invite the Chinese government to keep tabs on, and cited in American Intelligence officials, counter-trade, who explained that Huawei may you Exchange Information with the leaders of the state, and its work in the United States on the increase represents more of a security risk.

The bill is another problem for Huawei, which collapsed its partnership with AT&T last week, which will make the company able to sell its new phone Mate 10 Pro in the United States by the telecommunications company AT&T; however, this partnership met to control undesirable from American lawmakers who sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission last December.

It is considered the draft law “Mike kunal my” part of the larger trend of concerns about the software and hardware of foreign currency, last summer, reported 6 of the heads of intelligence services of America’s Main Intelligence Committee in the Senate that they have concerns about the use of security products from Kaspersky Lab, the Russian; while the center issued a national security computer in the UK new guidance on the company’s products to the Russian, referring to concerns about the potential connections to the Russian government.

The concern of lawmakers since a long time about the history of Huawei and ZTE, and the draft of the new law is a new step in that case. In 2010, four members of the Senate with the Federal Communications Commission regarding concerns about alleged relations between the companies and the Chinese government; and in 2011 was presented to the intelligence Committee of the Standing appropriate in the house of Representatives a report on the two companies, recommended that are preventing the U.S. government from buying products of Huawei and ZTE in addition to the continued investigation and legislation to address the concerns.

The United States is not the only country that has concerns about these companies, he has supported the Australian Government ban in 2013 that prevented Huawei from bidding on work on a domain network in a wide range of national in the country. But a report to Congress for 2011 does not refer to direct evidence that the company had come to settle, he explained that Huawei failed to provide evidence that would satisfy any fair investigation and complete; and has denied Huawei’s constantly allegations of collusion with the Chinese government.

While the prospect of the concerns relating to the security of computers, however, Huawei and ZTE have been targeted by members of Congress, and that Bill be a form of political signals to China.


This topic bill could prevent the U.S. government from using phones Huawei and ZTE appeared on Engadget.

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