The biggest scandals of Technical from 2010 to the present

With the booming industries of technology and information in 2010, they shocked the mind also scandals in both industries, where companies have become technical in the heart of the political and social issues in the United States and throughout the world.

Saw the last ten years a wave of violations, and business actors, and releases catastrophic tools, and Facebook and Apple and Google – one of the most powerful technology companies have found – from the most involved in the scandals.

However, it has acquired companies and institutions on its share of scandals over the past ten years also, here are the biggest scandals of Technical from 2010 to the present.

2010: Foxconn

Died at least 14 workers at Foxconn factories Foxconn City in Shenzen, China via suicide throughout 2010.

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According to the Wall Street Journal reports that Foxconn, which manufactures devices for customers such as Apple TV; a Nintendo; a HP, was expecting continuation of the workers to work under shifts additional in the working conditions terrible and cruel cut off the salaries of workers because of minor irregularities.

Reportedly has installed the company’s safety nets to catch workers jumping from the upper floors, and asked the client to sign a contract to agree to not kill themselves.

Clarified Apple and HP, customers, Foxconn and others, they will push the company to improve the working conditions in the wake of the suicides, as China put new laws in 2012 restrict overtime hours for workers.

2013: Edward Snowden

In one of the most popular complaints of whistle-blowers in the history of the United States, revealed the former contractor, Edward Snowden, Edward Snowden, that the National Security Agency NSA was spying on people’s accounts on Google, Yahoo, and retain for photos and videos without the users ‘ knowledge.

Issued Edward Snowden, classified documents show that the NSA had access the secret to the servers of Google and Yahoo, both Google and Yahoo for the exploitation of their results, saying: they didn’t give the government access to servers them.

However, Google said in a statement: the company has been long concerned about the prospect of this type of development, and yet Snowden is facing charges of violating the Espionage Act, which led him to live in Moscow, where the granting of refugee status.

2016: Apple

For over a decade, the transfer of Apple all European operations to Ireland, taking advantage of the tax exemptions the enormous display by the small state.

In 2013, he finished a European Union investigation continued for three years in the rates of taxes and that the exemptions were illegal, as they apply to Apple only.

And ordered the European Union Apple Pay 13 million euros – equivalent to $ 14.5 million – to Ireland after receiving tax exemptions are illegal.

Criticized Apple’s decision, saying it would reconsider in its commerce and the European future as a result.

2016: there’s a virus

Fell company Theranos Theranos, one of the most emerging companies famous in the past decade, its president, Elizabeth Holmes Elizabeth Holmes after the company demonstrated its inability to fulfill its promises in that it can be conducted blood tests on a single drop of blood.

The company was closed their laboratories, and faced Holmes a federal investigation on allegations of questionable about the technique of the blood test, faced charges of criminal fraud.

2016: Samsung

Samsung has started the process of calling International phones Galaxy Note 7 in early September 2016 after the flames in many of the models, indicating that they will begin charging models updated safe.

However, there have been reports that many of the alternative phones have caught fire while charging, prompting the South Korean company to stop the production of Galaxy Note 7 perfectly.

2017: Facebook

Revealed Facebook in the month of September 2017 to accounts that are likely to be operated outside of Russia spent nearly 100 thousand dollars in Facebook advertising starting from June 2015, with the aim of influencing the US presidential election for 2016.

Prior to that announcement, she insisted Facebook repeatedly that she has no reason to believe that the question of the purchase of Russian actors for advertisements related to elections.

The company has Facebook as Will attempts to protection of foreign funding to influence the American election.

2017: Google

The wrath of the staff of Google after the James Damour, James Damore, an engineer at Google, published a statement of the areas of the ethnic within the company, in which he criticized efforts to increase the number of women and minorities working there.

He wrote in the note: we need to stop assuming that gender gaps involve sex discrimination, came to the note during the period of growing unrest within Google, where he raised staff concerns about the culture of the company, and as long as the birds work in the company later.

2018: Google

Out of thousands of employees out of the offices of Google company in late 2018 after the emergence of reports of sexual misconduct by high-level officials in the company.

The New York Times reported that Google has to protect Andy Rubin Andy Rubin, one of the creators of the Android system, while said women who reported sexual misconduct internally: they are treated not just by the policies of forced arbitration adopted by Google.

Got Robben on the tens of millions of dollars as part of the terms of his exit from the company, even after admitting that the company reports of misconduct against a reliable.

Approved the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai Sundar Pichai, the deficiencies at that time and analysis of these ideas into action.

2018: Facebook

Threw investigators of the United Nations playing on the Facebook platform to provide a place for hate speech in relation to genocide Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

He said an investigator from the United Nations: the Facebook played a crucial role in the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, it was stated that hate speech and plans for organizing the killings have increased on the area.

Added detective β€œusing Facebook to convey messages to public, as the use of by Buddhist extremists and incitement to do a lot of violence and hatred against the Rohingya or other ethnic minorities”.

Recognized Facebook that the organization has enabled the violence and apologized for not doing more to stop it.

2018: Facebook

In the wake of an investigation by British newspaper The Guardian, commented Facebook the arrival of company Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica, a company that got incorrectly on the data of millions of users and use display ads in favour of a campaign of Donald Trump before the 2016 elections.

Reportedly, it has pushed the campaign to Trump millions of dollars for their services, which violated the terms of partner advertising on Facebook, although that has happened under the control of the giant social networking.

Recognized Facebook that the British police to improve the data associated with the protection of Donald Trump has got incorrectly on the data of millions of users.

2018: Google

After widespread protests from employees, as Google not to renew the contract of the secret to help the US Department of defense in building the artificial intelligence of drones to the military.

The Google has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a draft programme of artificial intelligence to improve the drone strikes and help in which, a step which wasn’t a lot of people in the company aware of it, causing stirring mass protests after it was reported for the first time publicly.

The company agreed – after the reaction – not to renew the contract of the Ministry of defense, but there’s still a company not named participation with the Ministry of defence in the same project use the platform Google Cloud Google Cloud.

2019: WeWork

Caused concerns regarding the business model for a company WeWork and management in a failed attempt to IPO the dismissal of its executive director and a sharp decline in ratings.

Saw WeWork during the one month decline is terrifying in its market capitalization that reached $ 8 billion after it was $ 47 million.

As those events have tended to dismiss Adam Neumann and Adam Neumann as chief executive, the abolition of the put forward its initial public offering after it raised investors and the media serious questions about the financial statements of the company and style of the Newman management.

Continues the story of WeWork repeated, but is expected to accelerate the company up to a quarter of their current staff in the coming months which aims to achieve stability on its way to profitability.

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