The beta version of the Skype app adds feature to share the screen of the iPhone and iPad

Announced the Skype application for the issuance of a property screen views on iOS and Android soon. This inline water currently in the versions of Skype Insider demo. I didn’t know after the Microsoft Corporation from the date issued, but is expected to be put up within two months.

Would this feature to broadcast your screen directly from your iOS device to other people in the current video call. And the application can work in background so you can navigate between the other applications on your phone during a call Skype with enabled screen sharing.

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Skype for iOS adds ability to share your iPhone and iPad screen

You may wonder how this works on the system iOS? Well, since the release of iOS 11 added Apple TV interface API programming direct broadcast official that allow for External Relations from registration to broadcast and interact with the feature “Screen Recording”.

The user can initiate a broadcast by using the record button the screen from the control center, or directly from within the Skype app using button iOS.

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