The beta version iOS 12.2 reveal a window of a subscription to Apple News

Revealed the beta version for iOS 12.2 for the window to display service Apple TV next newsletter that specializes in providing subscriptions fees, monthly health newsletters and magazines, and you’ve touched on this subject in the news earlier last month through a report to Bloomberg about the plan of Apple to exploit the service of a digital news Texture that already gobbled down in this regard.

According to the window that appeared, maybe she’ll let Apple service it news “Apple News Magazine” while there is no available information for a moment about the launch date of the service or the cost of a monthly subscription package news, but compared with the price which was offered to its Texture which is 9.99$ content contains about 200 newspaper and can stop the rate of the monthly cost.

On the other hand, moving some of the rumors about the intention of Apple to integrate its service newsletter with content your visual in addition to serve the Apple TV music system under my service package subscription is one km and the location of The information, it is worth mentioning that the subscription package of the treaty was found in the beta version for iOS 12.2, which means they could be coming in early this year.

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