The best trick to use the browser Google Chrome on phones

62% of users of Android, iOS, and on Chrome Browser, here’s some of the hidden that improve the experience of use.

Note: nurses included in chrome://flags experimental and may not work ideally, it is advised not to tamper in the options, as we Below have made sure of his work when writing the article, which has changed its Google future. As you may not be able to users of iOS to use some of the nurses.

To use with one hand

You can put the navigation buttons and the list further down the browser for easier use by going to the link: chrome://flags and search for Chrome Duet in the search box the top of the page.

After activating the option and re-launch the browser, you’ll get a button bar the bottom of the browser.

Rapid development

Instead of clicking on the buttons tab, and then choose the tab where you want to go, you can drag the address bar left and right to move between tabs, you can drag down from the address bar to display all tabs.

View the best health

If you use Chrome to look at Facebook or Instagram where they or Twitter, you can do way more practical to choose and determine the group of pictures; to go to chrome://flags and then search for the option Photopicker activated to display the network page instead of the list view.

Information about the text

You can click and hold on the part of the text wherever you are browser appear window can be pulled up to show information about the connection with the text or the translation of quick or even the option to perform a quick search on Google.

Copy the links quickly

Instead of using the manual selection to select long links and copy them, you can click and hold on the link to determine fully and then copy it.

Increase download speed

To increase the speed of downloading large files significantly, you can head to chrome://flags and look for the option of parallel downloading and activating it.

Set the path to conversion

Go to chrome://flags and look for the option enable downloads location change and restart the browser it will appear a new option in the settings you can set the location to save the files that are loaded on your phone.

Mute sites

If you hesitate to visit a site running the ads sound annoying, you can mute this site by heading to Settings > Site Settings > Sound and”add an exception”.

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