The best software artists digital art Digital Art in 2019

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أفضل البرامج لرسامي الفن الرقمي Digital Art في عام 2019

Met technology Our Lives little by little to improve the real world to a digital world can be utilized in all areas of life, has contributed to the development of technology in increasing options and programs available to artists digital art Digital Art, where there are a lot of tools on the market to help them create parts of unique digital art or simulate the effects of conventional.

The term digital art Digital Art all works of art that use digital technology primarily to create works of art creative such as sketch pad full of cartoon characters, or landscapes or expressionist paintings, and so much more (in other words the simpler the drawing is the Digital is the development of traditional drawing to the technological tools).

So we will review the best software artists digital art in 2019, to help you choose the right programs for you:

This group includes the programs of the operating system Windows system Mac OS MacOS, there are also options for free and paid so you can choose what suits you.

1 – Photoshop Photoshop

Considered the photoshop of the best and most famous design software that gives you everything you need to unleash your creativity when it comes to art digital graphic design Graphic-Design, which is part of the group Adobe Creative Cloud .

You can photoshop your data sharing and access to all the tools you need – including the difference images, colors and patterns – across all of your devices. There is also a wonderful library of add-ons Photoshop Photoshop plugins contain additional functions of the program.

Software Photoshop is available for Windows, Mac and iOS, and gives you only a trial period of 30 days after the expiry of these cities you can pay up to 20.99 dollars a month left of all the features.

2 – program Affinity Designer

Has Affinity Designer on everything you need to create custom designs or illustrations illustrations.

As you can through the Affinity Designer to accurately control the drawing of curves, and options to install the brush, and the conditions of blending advanced, the best IT support zoom up to the top of million per cent, One million+ percent zoom, this is the most important feature for many photographers.

Program Affinity Designer is available for Windows and Mac OS macOS price up to $ 49.99.

3. the program Clip Studio Paint

Program is Clip Studio Paint of the best tools for drawing and coloring artists comic comic artists, and , where used by more than four million creators around the world.

The program gives you the specialized features the best to create caricatures and animated, and has enhanced features to color your works, and you can create cartoons in full colour using this program or a copy of the application available for mobile devices.

Allows you to Clip Studio access to a huge library of free content adjustable such as difference tones and three-dimensional models and more, with new content added daily. The programme is also available in 7 different languages are: Japanese, Korean, English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Program Clip Studio Paint available for Windows and Mac OS macOS, and gives you a trial period of 30-dayare, and after the expiry of this period you will find you have two versions, driven by the first version of PAINT PRO at a price of $ 49.99, and the second version of PAINT EX is priced at 219 dollars where gives you all the features of the program.

4 – program Graphiter

One of the best tools that allows the creation of graphics graffiti realistic appearance and draw the Sketches great.

Lets you Graphiter experience to draw realistic using simple tools such as a tool, blending, eraser, pens, graphite graphite pencils, where you can use traditional tools to create digital graphics.

You can export all your graphics into the file as a PNG and JPG, and at the same time says Graphiter save your drawings automatically, so you can refer to it later.

Program Graphiter available for the Windows operating system only where there are see the first Windows 8 second system and 10, includes download free 14 registry of graphite ranging from 4H و8B, as there are in-app purchases.

The gate Arab News Technical the best software artists digital art Digital Art in 2019

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