The best smartphones can be purchased in 2018

If you’re now in 2018 and want to know the best phones available to buy now until you decide which phone you get, here’s our list of the best smart phones available in the market now which offer a great number of advantages both cameras featured or high quality monitors and others.

Google Pixel 2

أفضل هواتف ذكية يمكن شراؤها في 2018

The presence of Pixel 2 وPixel 2 XL from Google on the top of the list is not a strange disease, these phones offer a lot of advantages that make it one of the best options available now. And phones Google pixel better system for Android don’t be late for one second, either major updates or security updates only with the light version and fun of the system a number of exclusive benefits and without Pluto report cause you any hindrance.

In addition to the features of Android phones pixel has Google succeeded to provide these new phones great camera despite being in just one lens, unlike the common now. And camera phones Pixel 2 accurate 12 megapixel with the quality of the impressive number of possibilities making it the perfect camera for phones now where they are compared to new phones it shows a lot that there is not a phone I can its camera is suitable for Camera pixels even now.

In addition there are on the level of benefits comes with Full HD with it being against water and soil use in the face of the phone, as the phone comes SIM, Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM with no entrance to the 3.5 Mili meter for the sky and the possibility of adding additional storage space through cards microSD.

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