The best smart phones in sound quality

Buy the DxOMARK reviews the smartphone camera, just a few months ago began to DxOMARK cameras record personal audio for smartphones also, just last month, announced that it will add camera night dozens of corner ultra-angles to the test protocol camera, because both have become common features found in phones, today introduced the DxOMARK test protocol and the new smart phones allows the protocol to choose a sound DxOMARL, this leads to test the quality of the audio recording of the phone and take it out, and is based solely to the performance of running the internal speakers of the phone and not when you pair it to headphones or external speakers.

Is the division of the total score to playback and recording in the same way that is carried out by dividing the points the phone’s camera to image and video, and testing is performed by sound engineers and experts in private and can take up to a week for one device, says DxOMARK during the test, they live to create multiple scenarios to use such as a busy street, as they compare phones with The during the test to make sure that the test results are neutral, in the current time chose DxOMARK seven devices and is iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note10 + and Galaxy S10 + And Huawei Mate 20 X and Sony Xperia 1.

Rise of smart phones in terms of sound quality

تعرف على ترتيب أفضل الهواتف الذكية من حيث جودة الصوتLearn the ranking of the best smart phones in terms of sound quality

Based on the results of testing the Mate 20 X came in the top smartphone list this is due in part to the microphones of the stereo which gives it a high degree of funding, comes the iPhone XS Max in second place with 74 points (operating: 75, label: 69), pushing behind his iPhone 11 Pro Max to second place with a score of 71 (operating: 72, label: 68)Got both the Galaxy Note10 + and Galaxy S10 + 66 and 65 points respectively, while closed Honor 20 Pro and Xperia 1 the list with a score of 53 points and 45 points respectively, says DxOMARK it will continue to review more devices and will continue to update the list, so if your device does not have your favorite listed, may be added in the future.

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