The best platforms the free services Mini in the Arab world

Increase self-employment in the Arab world, with companies operating in the region, which used independent and rely on their services and resort to them away from full-time employees.

Multiple reasons one, of which the independent work Contractor the pieces and the monthly salary not be entitled to at least 90 percent of required, not to mention that the cost of the independent remain less than the employee who controls employer costs of insurance and treatment, and details other physical.

On the other hand, enjoy a lot of independent skills not available in the local staff, in addition to their use helps startups grow and companies based on teams working remotely.

In this article we’ll talk about the best platforms the free services Mini in the Arab world.


  • Platform fives

Service-owned company has a calculator, is of months of the services in this area and most prevalent in the Arab world, was acquired in 2011 and was able to harvest a lot of vendors and freelancers and clients.

The total number of site users over 300 thousand users and exceeded its sales to a million dollars in 2014 and growing in spite of strong competition faced by the projects upward.

Some independent you are entitled to a few hundreds of dollars per month, there are a lot of freelancers who rely on it as income is essential to them.

It’s a service the mini, where the poses independent of their services $ 5 and its complications, that in many areas, and many of them writing and programming, marketing and payment solutions.


  • Platform independent

Created by the calculator from scratch said to be launching during recent years, and in a short time become one of the area’s favorite businesses and owners of big-budget who want to hire independent professionals for their projects.

And what sets it apart from the fives are a big budget which is put forward projects, and the winner gets the draft can work on it in a couple of days or several months.

It’s a platform to connect companies with the freelancers, a pro is characterized by a strong competition where every project is put to be the There is competition between independent presentations and independent have his own record and information obtained from projects that work.


  • Platform sea

The new platform of the Ministry of Labour and Saudi Arabia, which combines independent employers, where they can independents offer their services in various areas including software development, writing, editing, design, innovation, video, photography, marketing and sales Add to the soil depending on the project at hand.

Looks like a fairly independent with the interface software is really something different, it provides companies and business owners to add their projects and what they’re looking for and the budget they have available and they will receive bids from freelancers.

The organization provides the certificate of independent and obtain social insurance for independents from Saudi Arabia, a platform focused on the Saudi market and the Gulf primarily.


  • Platform raking

This organization was founded in 2013, which the Dubai-based, and provide for independent creation of personal files of their own and add their work skills and advance to business projects presented by companies in different fields in Arabic and English.

Targeted home business ventures in many areas including photography, writing and content industry the visual and audio Add to the programming, marketing, development and accounting and drawing a lot.

The organization provides independent business owners communicate within the organization that ensures the transaction, without monument or any cheats and the client or the independent.


  • Platform any service

Designed to rival fives where she works to offer services mini to potential customers, while targeting of the independents who work on Add projects that they provide.

The launch of this product in 2012, and organizers have they are a company from the United Kingdom, it is less known about the fives in this sector.

Was adjusted to a commission of the site from 20% to 10% As of 16-12-2017 this to face the rival fives sites and other emerging in this area.


  • Platform piece

Arab market due take of the Turkey-based organization leaders, we have designed hosting templates WordPress artwork, photos and designs and create a market where they sell these products that works for them independent and their choice.

The organization is trying to increase the sales of the templates are paid, logos and various artwork and create a platform to offset the profits of good, independent in addition to useful to customers who are dealing with it.


  • Platform he declares

The back of this area during the past year, a company H2O4ID development and investment which is taken from the Turkey-based.

Work home system, work FREE come design similar to five, where independent service to their audience of customers.

This organization specializes in services, content and script of translation, writing and authorship added to the written description of services to museums and unloading audio lectures and any other services depend on the writing and production of textual content.


  • Platform GoFreelance

Launched Tecom group, in collaboration with the authorities of Dubai to the areas of creative, bouquet Gofreelance to support independent creators, which is commensurate with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

This organization works to empower independent professionals and entrepreneurs from starting off in their career and make the most of their skills and talents.

On the other hand, the organization works to provide a license for independent work legally in the United Arab Emirates, working with companies in the academic and media legally a charge currently multiple functions of a consultant teaching smart, the coach of an administrative, specialized lighting, and furniture, specializing motion pictures, and commercial markets and other.


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