The best pack icons for the apps on Android

Features to Android options customize many system interface, most applications use line, and the package of icons that change the design of the application icons.

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Comes in a pack of icons on the form of applications that can be installed from the store Google Play, but until you use it you must set it from within the settings of the car. for the best pack icons here’s the list.

“How to organize the presentation of applications in your phone creatively

Pix UI Icon Pack 2 – a Free Pixel Icon Pack

Featuring icons design and application of Pixel circuits, and the package includes a 7,000 icon.

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Featuring icons of design pure and elegant, which takes the form of the logo of the application only, without embedding it in a specific geometric.

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Atran – Icon Pack

Pack other icons provide design ring elegant representative for relations, but its available for 1$.

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Linebit – Icon Pack

These icons feature a design written in the language of the app, but it for 1$ also.

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Moonrise Icon Pack

If you like the dark mode for one system, then this package may suit you.

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Glim – Free Flat Icon Pack

Enjoy the icons unique and rich in color.

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Whicons – White Icon Pack

White icons suitable for facades monochrome.

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Noctum Iconpack

Icons in grey are excellent to use in dark mode, but at a price of$1.

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