The best one of Android (2019)

Provide apps car the possibility to customize the best look of the phone interface and home screens and app drawer and can embed it to their application icons and a search bar Google, online, and here we will give you the best as of 2019.

If you are looking for a simple and quick interface to ensure the most used applications with wedge one or two, were you the car that is characterized by its speed and ease of use, namely:

Evie Launcher

The car customization options wide free-to-use fully, but focuses on providing the experience of using the light, and it can save settings and restore them from Google Drive.

Navigation gestures got a big update in recent months, so it is said to become faster, 200%, and you can now drag from the middle of the screen to open the notifications instead of search Evie, though you can customize the feature to launch the application in particular. Finally, it may come from updates to the car at a slow pace by virtue of that the app is completely free.

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Microsoft Launcher

As Microsoft does not collect any connection with Windows, is characterized as one of the fastest car during the navigation between screens and app drawer, but it’s one of the few that offer the possibility to enlarge the widget for fullscreen mode.

Focused experience as Microsoft on the Home screen without elements’m pretty tight where only a row of apps and Google search, along with new section that displays the topics may be of interest to you according to Microsoft and use the phone, study apps makes it easy to find any application, however do not wear in the trade fast to level as Evie.

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Known as “one of the Greens” and are characterized by providing customize options inclusive of all elements of reality, including Application Shortcuts online gestures, movements and customs that appear to move from one window to another, the best of The says this:

Nova Launcher

Much prefer Nova as the density of the customization options that it offers, you can pack with icons of applications appropriate to design the interface like that on the phones pixels which on the galaxy with ease, but what I don’t know much about the car is that you can put the widget anywhere on the screen, you can also copy the settings backed up, the app to customize the shortcuts navigation buttons to launch the application quickly or do the job requires the purchase of the paid version.

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Action Launcher

While the action one a lot of customization options similar to Nova as it offers many of the quick features that make it rival the speed of one Microsoft, and of that degree of rapid application with which you can summon from the side of the screen, and most importantly that car is faster than the supported features of new Android versions.

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Poco Launcher

If you want to maintain the speed of the phone Shawty, but you don’t want ads in fact, you can experience one of Boca specially designed for the company, knowing that it supports many Android phones.

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Lawnchair V2

The second version of the car trying to interface Pixel Android 9, with customization options clear, which of them control gestures navigation buttons, along with the option to copy and restore settings to new versions, and because the application with respect to a patent Google, you won’t find it in the Play Store, you can get it from APK Mirror.

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