The best of what has been presented in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, through 2018

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افضل ما تم تقديمه في فيس بوك ، يوتيوب ، انستجرام ، تويتر خلال 2018The best of what has been presented in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, through 2018

The best of what has been presented in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, through 2018

In a few hours, leaving us in 2018 without return, which means you, as you are used with us in the sideburns should be , I sit down and in the files of the 365 paper past, let’s look at the best and worst and most influential.

At the level of social networks, especially the Big Four : Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter .. have been offered many, many new features, but some without a doubt was the best during the year, so we have dedicated this article for the best updates of these networks four during the year.

Facebook : Your Time In Facebook

Without a doubt, water is the most important on record that have been submitted on the Facebook which is now approximately 2.4 million users, is the advantage of organizing your time, your presence on Facebook orYour Time In Facebook.

How to put an alert on my app for Facebook and Instagram to avoid staying too long on them

Water simple as that you can access through the settings will give you the mini map not the use of your company during the week and let you also put an alert if you exceed the duration of the specific on Facebook.

YouTube : theme night

Due to the nature of his own too, and its association with videos that attract cats the most of the internet users, YouTube chose the theme of the night through 2018, which is absolutely the best .

YouTube lost theme night to develop faith.

Theme night is available on the web, and my copy of the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play, a feature which turned the app into a dark figure to keep your eyes, especially at night or in low light.

Instagram : the application of IGTV

Instagram was an important application very prominent during the year, saw the growth of great and formidable at all levels beginning from the number of users into revenue.

Instagram up to a million users and the application IGTV new

But in 2018 gave Instagram a separate application under the name of the IGTV is a custom application Clips video pictured in my head to clean the display on the phones, and lasting up to a full hour, to he addressed to the appropriate YouTube, over the long term .

Twitter : Twitter is my favorite.

Twitter, too, in 2018 provided the advantage of a favorite or Book Mark feature allows you to save any tweet meet her at the app in a special place you can return to it later.

Twitter allows now save tweets to watch later

The idea is simple and its implementation is simple, and stretches this simplicity to the way to take out any tweet of your Favorite later, making it water absolutely the best in 2018.

Every year here your fine.

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