The best note taking apps for Android

The best note taking apps for Android

All of them from time to time jot down some important notes, whether in image or text link, or image, to return to him later, both of the device that you noted it, or from another device.

Taking apps data notes for versions of Android are the focus of this topic, where we will give you from the point of view website technology 24 best 3 apps of this quality.

The best note taking apps for Android

Google Keep

On top of these applications comes application Google Keep, which finds its way automatically into the phones of Android, as you can download it from the Google Play Store .

App is easy to actually use and Sync is instant with all your devices with the same Google Account Your, as the app lets you highlight notes in different colors and lists and events.


Application of proximity and a competitor of Microsoft, syncs the app with your Microsoft account, so you can add notes on the desktop (Windows and MacOS) or smart phone (Android and iOS).

Can OneNote convert your writing to plain text and the smuggling of equations math your in addition to demonstrating how to solve them, but the reality of his own a little more complicated than the application of Google.


It is the oldest application notes,. You can view your notes on your smartphone, or Evernote on Windows, or on a page to Evernote on the web.

When it comes to writing a note, you can write text, or draw with your finger or a pen, or insert charts or graphics, or audio recording, you can also use the technique of converting speech to text to make Evernote says write your note for you if you are in the way and preoccupied driving .

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